The ACCROPODE™ II formwork consists of two symmetrical, bottomless half-shells that can be separated. They are assembled to create a mould into which the concrete is poured.
The two half-shells are separated by being struck using a jack that presses on the end of the noses.

We produce moulds for Precast Concrete Accropodes from 1 to 26 cubic meters and we produce custom sizes according to project requirements of our clients .

Accropodes are used as Armour units (concrete breakwater units) for protection of exposed coastal structures. Due to the necessity to produce thousands of precast items, durable and long-life Accropode Moulds / Formworks are required ensuring their re-usability hundreds of times in the course of the Project  Cycle. Through our experience of fabrication of modular formworks, we use steel elements of proper thickness in our moulds.  Accropode Moulds over 5 m³ are produced out of 4 parts for easier transportation.

ARTELIA Eau & Environnement as Licensor has granted an exclusive licence to CLI (Concrete Layer Innovations) to represent the proprietary ACCROPODE™ II technology.


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