Vertical Panel Wall Moulds allows producers to have customized dimension precast concrete wall panel with preferred finishing on both sides. In addition having the mould vertically standing, it occupies less space for manufacturing and de-moulded easily.

Structurally the mould has fixed central frame, side frames move on rails for the preparation and de-moulding of the concrete. The two independently moving side elements have 10mm thick surface plates to ensure the rigidity and not to have deformation in its lifecycle. 

The hinged side doors allow to have the concrete product in full extend as well as bottom and side panels with magnets are used to get customized wall width and height. For door and window frames similar panels with shuttering magnet can be placed in accordance with the project. 

The vibration systems allows the uniform compaction of the concrete. Optionally for fast curing, pipping system carrying hot water can also be installed on the mould face. 


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