We have been designing, manufacturing and assembling moulds for Precast Concrete Tetrapods weighing from 4 to 42 tons according to our client’s Project requirements.

Tetrapods are used as amour units (concrete breakwater units) for protection of exposed coastal structures. Due to the necessity to produce thousands of precast items, durable and long-life Tetrapod Moulds are required ensuring their reusability hundreds of times in the course of the Project  Cycle. Through our experience of fabrication of modular formworks, we use steel elements of proper thickness in our moulds.

We determine the optimal production method basing on the latest technologies to fabricate the components in compliance with the European Standards delivering the Project on time.

Different than Accropode and Xbloc moulds, Tetrapod moulds have a bottom segment (part) and a cast concrete block needs to be kept in the mould until it gets cured.



Moulds for similar Break Water Structures