Tilting Tables are used for the production of large precast concrete panel walls in various construction fields such as residential, commercial or industrial. KF Moulding Tilting Tables are designed for the use of wall panels with different thicknesses. The adjustable bottom section of the mould enables produce  100mm to 400mm thick concrete wall panels. 

The sides panels with shuttering magnet elements allows the production of adjustable wall width and height in accordance with each specific construction design. The Shuttering mechanisms are also used for the door and window frames. 

It is also possible to produce sandwich panel wall systems to have decorative finish and having insulation materials installed in the wall structure.

The hot water pipping systems can be installed upon the needs for the fast curing of the concrete panels. Following the concrete cure, the table is tilted up to 80 degrees vertical position by hydraulic cylinders for the panels to be moved from the table safely without having damages.


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